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About us

I came to Omaha eight years ago from the East Coast, and fell in love with this city and this state right away. Since then, I've been around enough to know that what we have here – our people, our land, our way of life – is special.

Eventually, I even got a Nebraska farm girl to marry me. We took our pictures in an oat field and all the neighbors waved while they drove past. A lady brought homemade kolaches to our wedding. This is the greatest place in the world. (Though I'll never really get Red Beer.)

In the summer of 2016, we opened Left on Dodge to make the kind of shirts we wanted to wear ourselves.

We're Creighton grads who were bummed about the lack of creative, comfortable, and thoughtful merch for Bluejay fans. We're Omahans who looked high and low for the kind of vintage-cool swag other cities have. (Seriously, even Des Moines beat us on this one.) We're Nebraskans who wanted something a little different for Husker gamedays in the fall. 

In short, we're in love with Omaha, Nebraska, and the Midwest. If you're with us, you'll like what we're doing here.

If you have ideas or compliments for us, find us on Twitter or send us an email

See you around,